Magic's Arenas Could Replace Nelson

Magic's Arenas Could Replace Nelson

A Magic P.R. person came by in the third quarter to tell some of us media types that Nelson was sick, curious timing, given that Van Gundy had just pulled Nelson and he didn't look happy. (He later played in the final period and didn't appear to need Pepto-Bismol later).

He might feel queasier today.

Nelson could go from a full-time starter to a full-time bench player, all but completing a wholesale change in the Magic's make-up after two trades.

One trade, the riskiest by GM Otis Smith, delivered the controversial Arenas.

Van Gundy was almost too emphatic when he announced on Saturday, right after the deals, that Nelson still was the starter.

He kept that stance immediately after the Spurs game, but when asked again if Arenas could start, Stan said, "Could it change? Sure."

Even Van Gundy says that Arenas is at his best with the ball in his hands, breaking down defenses.

Arenas finished with 14 points, nine assists and three turnovers in almost 29 minutes. Nelson had seven points, four assists and one turnover, logging 21 minutes.

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