Lack of Experience Sinks Passionate Singletary

Lack of Experience Sinks Passionate Singletary

Imagine Mike Singletary's next football job. Imagine that it's one that actually prepares him for the job he just had, rather than one which exposes his tactical flaws and reduces him to a caricature.

Imagine Mike Singletary Lite.

The San Francisco 49ers just eliminated Singletary's gig, after just 40 cracks at it. It is the same number of games Frank Kush got, one less than Hall of Famers Ernie Nevers and Jim Thorpe, and two fewer than Otto Graham and Sammy Baugh. Of those, he had the best record -- 18-22 -- and the most exposure as a coach who got the job based almost entirely on his résumé as a player.

In other words, his flaws were not unique, but they were more catalogued. He thought his inspirational gifts, fueled by his own career, would be sufficiently instructive to a generation decades removed from his best work.

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