TCU on Edge at Rose Bowl

TCU on Edge at Rose Bowl

To hear Gary Patterson spin it, TCU arrived at the Rose Bowl last week by covered wagon, having warded off the advances of savages and infidels and marauding sportswriters. The journey took 13 years. Along the way, the plucky band of Horned Frogs went through at least a dozen states, three conferences, three chancellors, three athletic directors and too many doubters to count.

"If you only knew where we came from," Patterson told the media Friday, closing his case, "you'd understand why we play with a chip on our shoulder."

The Frogs play this way because it's how Patterson, their edgy, uneasy coaching genius, sells it to them. Not every coach buys into it.

The contrast in coaching styles Friday was palpable. How it plays out on New Year's Day remains a topic even bigger than Wisconsin's offensive line. Or "skyline," as most might call it.

Patterson's polar opposite as far as public relations go Friday was Bret Bielema, Wisconsin's great big teddy bear of a coach, a guy who coaches by the motto, "Everybody ready to have some fun today?"

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