Weis-Haley Rift Illustrates Chiefs' Woes

Weis-Haley Rift Illustrates Chiefs' Woes

The spin is coming, it’s been coming, all sorts of neatly packaged reasons that Charlie Weis is quitting as Chiefs offensive coordinator to take the same job at the University of Florida.

Weis will stay with the Chiefs through the playoffs, but after that, he wants to be closer to his son. He wants to have his whole family in one place. Or he wants to get away from the grind of the NFL and back on campus, where he wants another try at being a head coach someday. He’s had some health scares recently, and his priorities have shifted away from pro football.

On and on and on the reasons go. You can listen to them all day, and there’s probably a little truth in most of them.

But logic-centered people can clearly see the Chiefs now have a potentially big problem on their hands, bigger than concerns over an entirely uninspired 31-10 blowout loss to the Raiders on Sunday.

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