Blake Griffin Brings Back the Dunk Contest

AP Photo

You could make a very convincing argument that Blake Griffin, not the Heat, is the top story of this NBA season. Oh, I'll go even further: theClippers rook has set the tone for everything that is worthwhile about 2010-11. Without Blake, there's no 2010-11. And if he weren't a part of next month's dunk contest -- in Los Angeles, no less -- it would be the kind of PR blunder fans would talk about for years to come.

Well, it looks like they made good after all. According to the LA Times, Griffin is in, along with Thunder big man Serge Ibaka; surrealWizards center JaVale McGee; and flamboyantBucks point guard Brandon Jennings. A totally unpredictable field, a rush of cult favorites unseen in years, and yes, a...

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