Big East Has Figured Out Georgetown

Big East Has Figured Out Georgetown

Even before the smattering of boos at halftime, John Thompson III had a major quandary on his hands at Georgetown.

How does a veteran team that started 8-0 against the toughest nonconference schedule in the country, a team that vaulted to No. 9 in the national rankings, freefall this quickly?

Really, how did the Hoyas morph from a potential No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament a mere two weeks ago into . . . this - the out-of-sync eyesore nearly blown off its home floor Wednesday night by No. 5 Pittsburgh?

"Yes, it's a concern," Thompson III said after falling to 1-4 in the Big East. "Make a few shots it solves everything. Get a few rebounds, get a few stops; it's a simple game - make shots and guard your guy."

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