'Glamazons of QBs' Differ in Results

'Glamazons of QBs' Differ in Results

When Nic Screws, the fashion market editor at Esquire magazine, analyzed Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez, she saw more than two quarterbacks who will meet Sunday in the N.F.L. playoffs. From two men as at ease in suits as in shoulder pads, she saw comfort urban style (Brady) compared with fancy sunglasses and shiny ties (Sanchez), along with good hair (both).

Screws called Brady and Sanchez “the glamazons of quarterbacks.” Her take on their styles is remarkably similar to the opinions of football insiders on their games. Sanchez is basically Brady — nine years, three Super Bowls, two children and one supermodel wife ago. Brady is pretty much the optimal career blueprint for Sanchez.

“Both appreciate quality clothes and nice style,” Screws wrote in an e-mail. “But they vary on execution. And although they both look good in a three-piece suit, I prefer Brady. His fit trumps Sanchez’s flair.”

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