Favre: A Walking Contradiction

Favre: A Walking Contradiction

Now that Brett Favre has officially filed his retirement paperwork with the NFL, the natural question is this: How will we remember Favre?

But maybe a better question is this: How could we possibly forget him?

In the history of sports, there's never been anyone like Favre. Not as a quarterback. Not as a sports figure.

Of course, I feel obligated to mention that we don't know for certain that Favre is finished with professional football, since he possesses that nasty habit of changing his mind.

But let's assume that this retirement is indeed real.

How will we forget Brett Favre?

He isn't a villain.

He isn't a saint.

He is loved.

He is loathed.

He is compelling.

He is insincere.

He has an ego.

He was passionate.

He was embarrassing.

He is engaging.

He was selfish.

He was thrilling.

He was overrated.

He was underrated.

No quarterback has thrown more touchdowns than Favre.

And none has thrown more interceptions.

He finished his career his way.

It always must be Favre's way. Just ask Brad Childress and Ted Thompson.

No NFL player has started more consecutive games than Favre.

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