NBA: Buy Low, Sell High

NBA: Buy Low, Sell High

In this week’s waiver wire section, I excluded two players who were recently picked up (by me) in my leagues. To my surprise, Richard Hamilton was let go over the weekend in one league, and Tayshaun Prince was dropped in another. Even harder to believe, both cleared waivers without a peep. So, this morning I swapped Linas Kleiza for Rip and Kenyon Martin for Tay, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

In Rip’s case, I can understand. He’s benched, unhappy, and needs a trade to become useful again. But, I’m willing to take that chance. A lot of teams could use the services of a champion like Rip. The situation in Detroit is miserable, and more specifically, the lineup shuffling has been similar to the Red Wings. I’m the first to agree that you shouldn’t count on a trade, but with trades needing to take place within the next month I feel like Rip is worth stashing.

As for Prince, I think the owner would agree he made a blunder. He got sucked in by T-Mac and cut Prince in the process. What happens next? T-Mac leaves 10 minutes into his next game and doesn’t return. Now, I’ll agree, McGrady’s been tantalizing lately. I own him in two leagues, but only because I had some spare parts that I could do without. Prince is reliable and efficient, the exact opposite of T-Mac.

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