Ryan, Tomlin Contrast in Style


In the hit Internet video of Bart Scott's angry rant after last week's win over New England, the New York Jets linebacker concludes by yelling "CAN'T WAIT!" referring to tonight's AFC Championship Game against the Steelers at Heinz Field.

Naturally, Rex Ryan couldn't resist. Addressing the media a few days later, the second-year Jets coach approached the podium wearing a serious expression, looked out and said, "All right, guys. I know, first off, that everybody CAN'T WAIT! for the injury report." The place cracked up.

Another head coach might have had a problem with Scott's outburst. Perhaps a stern talking-to or disciplinary action would have followed. Patriots coach Bill Belichick briefly benched his star receiver, Wes Welker, for slyly poking fun at Ryan in...

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