Rangers Shouldn't Move Young

Rangers Shouldn't Move Young

All signs point to Michael Young not being a Texas Ranger by the end of the 2011 season.

I know Rangers types have publicly and privately disputed this theory, with straw-that-stirs-the-drink, DH-on-Day 1, we-love-M.Y., and face-of-the-franchise talk. The problem is, if you look closely, their actions do not match their talk.

Think about this: Since the World Series, Young has been shopped at the winter meetings, watched as his third-base job was handed to free agent Adrian Beltre, was sold DH and first base as soft landing spots -- the latter where he will compete with highly regarded Mitch Moreland for time and the former coming into dispute when the team traded for Mike Napoli. Is this how you treat your straw? Turning him into a $16 million version of Jorge Cantu?

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