Pro Bowl Is a Joke, But That's OK

Pro Bowl Is a Joke, But That's OK

It was headed this way for a long time, but it's now official.

The Pro Bowl is a joke.

If you weren't sure before, you are now after Alex Mack's touchdown for the final score yesterday in an exhibition of something sometimes resembling professional football. It featured three defensive players and a center (Mack) crossing the goal line for touchdowns. You'll probably never see anything like it again — at least until next year at Aloha Stadium when some of the world's greatest players pretend to play football again.

The play that got Mack his first TD since high school was exciting and entertaining, one of those hot-potato, rugby-type desperation toss-arounds. Jerry Glanville would've been proud.

But it wasn't great football, by a long shot. Is it something we really expect and want to see in a game that's supposed to feature the NFL's elite playmakers?

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