Why Shanahan's All-Star Experiment Worked

Why Shanahan's All-Star Experiment Worked

As soon as Patrick Sharp(notes) was handed the NHL All-Star Game MVP trophy and Team Lidstrom and Team Staal exchanged handshakes, the revamped weekend came to an end and the hockey world began shifting its focus to the re-start of regular hockey on Tuesday night.

With the inaugural Fantasy Draft format in the books, now begins the time to look forward to Ottawa next year; and we'll begin hearing what changes should be made to the events -- or if you're Nick Kypreos, why no more Toronto Maple Leafs should be subjected to the "humiliation" heaped upon the franchise and Phil Kessel(notes) after he was Friday's "Mr. Irrelevant."

But should the East/West format be brought back? Absolutely not. Are some tweaks in order? Perhaps.

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