Alderson Facing Rough Waters as Mets GM

Alderson Facing Rough Waters as Mets GM

There’s no shortage of bad guys as we approach the lowest rungs of the Madoff inferno, starting with the monster himself. The legal system has had its way with history’s greatest crook, the cosmos eventually will do likewise. What’s left to determine is whether Fred Wilpon was party to the fraud, even indirectly, although there’s one victim in particularly who we wonder about.

That would be Sandy Alderson, who admitted he had no idea the Mets were on the verge of financial collapse when he became the general manager in October. “I wasn’t privy to all the details,” Alderson said during a conference call Monday, leading to the most piercing question: Would he still have taken the job had he known the Wilpons were in this much trouble?

Alderson, naturally, says he has no regrets. That’s the ex-Marine in him, looking straight ahead. One person who has known Alderson for years said, “I believe Sandy when he says he has no second thoughts. But even if he did, he’d never tell anyone, not even those who are closest to him.”

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