Arenas Firing Blanks for Magic

Arenas Firing Blanks for Magic

Gilbert Arenas(notes) flashed those bemused eyes, raised an eyebrow and let an uneasy smile curl across his lips. “I didn’t score today?” he responded to an inquisitor outside his locker on Sunday.

Part of him looked like maybe he didn’t know, and part like maybe he had hoped no one else noticed. For a star once obsessed with hanging 40 and 50 points on opponents – who pursued shots and baskets like a drowning man does driftwood – it was easy to be dubious of the Orlando Magic guard confessing to such ignorance on something so interwoven into his identity.

Once, Arenas proclaimed himself to be an alter ego, Agent Zero. Now, it was no longer the number on his back, but the one in the box score. This hadn’t happened since a peculiar scoreless night in March of 2004, and never in his memories of his pre-NBA life.

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