Rodgers Stands Alone in Packers' Lore

Rodgers Stands Alone in Packers' Lore

Brett Favre finally leaves the picture. He began to vanish the moment Aaron Rodgers completed his first pass in Super BowlXLV on Sunday night, and with every bullwhip crack to another receiver, Rodgers fattened and Favre thinned until, by the end, there was barely a wisp of No. 4 left.

The last of his shadow was erased on a single play that forever will be known in Green Bay as "Third-and-10" -- the Packers breathing hard, clinging to a lead that had once been 18 and now was three. They were injured and exhausted, missing star players on both sides of the ball.

Third-and-10. Under six minutes left in the game. Ball at their 25. Everything had been tilting Pittsburgh's way in the second half, and you knew, you just knew, that if the Packers punted they'd lose the lead and not see it again.

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