How Should Jazz Fans Feel About Boozer Now?

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We've had this game circled on our schedule for some time now. Some of us are excited to see Derrick Rose match up against Deron Williams. Some are excited to see Kyle Korver play again. Some want to see the Jazz East take on the Jazz West. But let's be honest. We are all anticipating the return of Carlos Boozer. We want to see the master versus the apprentice, the jedi versus the padawan, Boozer versus Millsap.

Boozer's return has sparked a lot of discussion on the Bulls Power Forward, about his basketball skills, his leadership, and his offcourt persona. Gordon Monson unsurprisingly wrote another scathing piece about Boozer. I don't know what the percentages are, but I would guess that more than half of Jazz fans are glad to see Boozer in another teams' jersey. ...

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