Rangers Must Fix Rift With Young

Rangers Must Fix Rift With Young

Before the 2004 season, Michael Young agreed to switch from second base to shortstop in order to make room for Alfonso Soriano.

And the move made the Texas Rangers better.

In 2009, Young ultimately agreed to change from shortstop to third base in order to make room for rookie Elvis Andrus.

And the move made the Rangers better.

And now in 2011, with the American League pennant flying high over the ballpark, Young is being asked to move again, this time to designated hitter, in order to make way for third baseman Adrian Beltre.

The move will make the Rangers better.

Why has that been so hard for Michael Young to understand?

Manager Ron Washington, whose loyalty to his team captain is unquestioned, has announced that his plan is to write Young's name on the Rangers' lineup card nearly every day this season.

But don't take Washington's word for it. Club president Nolan Ryan, whose integrity is unchallenged, has publicly said that, yes, that's the Rangers' plan.

So why the anger? Why does Young sound so hurt? Why does he want to be traded?

Young told reporters Monday that he didn't want to get into specifics, but he let his terse explanation speak for itself.

"I've asked for a trade because I've been misled time and time again, and I'm tired of it," he said.

A trade. From the defending AL champions. In the week before spring training. By a player who has been assured that he will be in the starting lineup nearly every day.

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