Young Deserves Better From Rangers

Young Deserves Better From Rangers

He has been told to shut up and show up.

Compared to Greg Ellis.

Diminished as a player. Downgraded as a leader.

Carved up defensively. Bashed as a malcontent.

And please just shoot me now because the "he" in question is Michael Young, the heart and soul of this Rangers franchise, who is guilty of calling the team out on its own doublespeak about his importance.

Well, what are the Rangers, fans and media to do since he demanded a trade? Glad you asked.

Shut up, then try saying thank you.

Thank you for signing that big deal we now decry as an albatross because nobody put a gun to their fool heads and forced them to give MY $16 mil per year. The ugly truth is the money was to keep him from going A-Rod and Tex and bolting what everybody believed to be a sinking ship. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for changing positions. Thank you for mentoring Elvis. Thank you for having Wash's back when the clubhouse was about to mutiny. Thank you for being such a consistent hitter. Thank you for being a key component in the chemistry and family atmosphere we used as a sales pitch to Cliff Lee. Thank you for being our Modano, our Dirk, our Romo.

I get it: Sports is a business. But it is good business to reward your best and most loyal employees with honesty and loyalty.

This is not Adam Eaton. It is Michael Young, and he deserves better than to be jerked around by people who always think they could get better at his position all while pumping sunshine about how much they love him.

My sports friend, Bob Sturm of 1310 and BaD Radio fame, tweeted that the line of demarcation on the Michael debate was gender. Chicks stand with MY, dudes with JD.

A quick perusal of local media opinion backs up Sturm, or I have yet to see anybody else locally defending MY, and I am, indeed, the girl.

Who else is reminded of a scene from renowned chick flick You've Got Mail every time Rangers types try to explain their logic behind spending all off-season trying to replace and rid themselves of a guy they now say they cannot live without.

"It isn't personal," Tom Hanks explains.

To borrow Meg Ryan's retort: All that means is that it wasn't personal to you. But it is personal to Michael Young to not have a position in the field.

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