TCU Right to Rebuff Wisconsin Rematch

TCU Right to Rebuff Wisconsin Rematch

Everybody wants a mulligan every now and then.

In golf. At the buffet line. In marriage.

And now, it seems, Wisconsin wants a do-over of the 2011 Rose Bowl.

That's the inside poop, at least, from Badgers head coach Bret Bielema, who reportedly told Madison, Wis., radio station WTSO-AM/1070 that he was approached about a rematch with TCU in Wisconsin next season and was ready to jump at the chance.

Of course he was. The Horned Frogs defeated the Big Ten Conference Badgers 21-19 in Pasadena just six weeks ago. What football coach wouldn't want a rematch in his own stadium against a team that lost 26 players, 14 of them starters, and that would be fielding a sophomore quarterback starting his first game?

Actually, there's a more realistic answer to that question:

Namely, that there isn't a coach in America who, if approached under similar circumstances, would agree to play the aforementioned game.

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