Pressure Nothing New to Beachy

Pressure Nothing New to Beachy

From the outside looking in, it was hard to make sense of Braves pitcher Brandon Beachy.

How did a virtual unknown, with so little pitching experience, make his major league debut in the thick of a pennant race against the Phillies last September -- with four hours notice -- and never flinch?

“I didn’t really view it as anything different than I did in Double-A or Triple-A,” Beachy said.

The 24-year-old undrafted free agent from Indiana Wesleyan, who’d played mostly third base there, seemed in total control of his emotions. He pitched 4 1/3 strong innings for the injured Jair Jurrjens, allowing three runs, just one earned.

He’d made only 21 starts in the minors and a handful in college. So why wasn’t he fazed?

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