Picking All-Star Game By TV Commercials

Picking All-Star Game By TV Commercials

Anyone can earn a trip to the All-Star Game via on-court play. Every year, a handful of schlemiels are gonna put up 20 and 10, or shoot a 50/40/90, or be the unquestioned leader of a 40-15 team. Yeah, whatever. Last time I checked, this wasn’t called the All-Pretty-Good-Basketball-Player Game. This is the All-Star Game. And being a Star consists of a whole lot more than merely putting up stats and contributing to team wins. To be a star, you need to have your face and name out there, to be witnessed daily by millions who might not watch your team play a game all year, to build a brand unto yourself. You need to shill for product.

So who earned themselves a ticket to California this year based on their ability to smile for the cameras? Well, unsurprisingly, most of the players who got in the boring, old-fashioned way — big business doesn’t exactly tend to empty the bench when picking its spokespeople. But there are some lineup discrepancies, including a couple players who arguably got snubbed the first time around.

Take a look at how the game now breaks down …

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