If Knicks Land Carmelo, Heat Will Be on D'Antoni

If Knicks Land Carmelo, Heat Will Be on D'Antoni

The drama with Carmelo Anthony grinds through All-Star Weekend for the NBA, like a train making one more scheduled stop. Only with this train there is still no sure destination in sight.

Even now, no one is sure how much the Nuggets really want from the Knicks, if it's true that they are making pigs of themselves and really do want three starters and Timofey Mozgov and Eddy Curry's Big Fat Expiring Contract and the use of James Dolan's private plane when he's not using it.

No one is sure - just because nobody has really known anything with this process from the start, all the way back to September when the Nets were practically supposed to be putting Anthony on a private plane to Teterboro Airport - that if the Knicks pull the trigger on Anthony that means that Chris Paul will eventually be on his way to the Garden.

No one is sure about that, even though people all over the NBA believe that is absolutely the way to bet.

But one interesting sidebar to what is happening with and around Carmelo Anthony these days, and the Knicks' pursuit of Anthony, is that Donnie Walsh might not be nearly as worried about trading the three starters and all the rest of it for Anthony as his hand-picked coach, Mike D'Antoni, is.

"He's worried about gutting the team he has," one extremely dialed-in NBA source told me yesterday. "On top of that, he's worried about what they'd have to take back from Denver along with Carmelo (Chauncey Billups, perhaps old friend Renaldo Balkman and HIS expiring contract). He also knows that if the Knicks do get (Anthony), then it's not on Donnie anymore, it's on him."

Meaning the head basketball coach.

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