Rangers' Young Wouldn't Skip Camp

Rangers' Young Wouldn't Skip Camp

His "stuff" awaits -- helmet, new batting glove, spring training parking pass, fan mail.

They sit on a blue folding chair in the Texas Rangers' spring clubhouse, right below a hanger that bears a blue jersey with the number "10" on the back and his name:


It all seems as much a part of the room as the light switch.

On Sunday the team's position players are scheduled to hold their first workout. But let second baseman Ian Kinsler spare you the drama.

"Out of this whole ordeal," Kinsler said Thursday, "probably the most ridiculous thing I've heard is that he would not show up. That's just so ridiculous.

"This isn't DeSean Jackson or Manny Ramirez or something like that. Michael Young is an incredible professional. That's just completely out of his personality. He would never do that."

Kinsler's spring training locker, as it is back in Arlington, is right next to Young's. The two are the closest of friends, on and off the field.

If any Ranger should know what Young is going to do Saturday, when the team's position players are scheduled to report, it's Kinsler.

"He's going to stand up," Kinsler predicted. "He's going to take all the questions and answer them the way he's supposed to answer them. And then he's going to go about his business, because that's the kind of professional he is.

"We're all here as a team to get back to the World Series. And when he's in this locker room, that's his motivation. Honestly, I'm not worried about anything."

When last we heard from the team captain, however, he was bitter. Young sounded adamant about wanting to sever his near-11-year affiliation with the team.

From all indications, Rangers management has tried to oblige.

Yet it's hard to imagine a Rangers clubhouse without a jersey hanging with Young's name on it. He is this franchise's Molitor, its Biggio.

In the bittersweet glow of a baseball season that played on into November, general manager Jon Daniels pledged to do what he could to make the Rangers better in 2011.

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