Tigers Need Ordonez to Guide Cabrera

Tigers Need Ordonez to Guide Cabrera

This has to be tough and embarrassing for Miguel Cabrera, and the Tigers have to be tough about it. Welcome him back? Sure, and that's their plan.

But now, the bond cannot be unconditional. And the guy who must deliver as much tough love as anyone is Magglio Ordonez, a fellow Venezuelan, a highly respected veteran and one of Cabrera's closest friends.

Ordonez stood in the sun Friday and firmly delivered the words Cabrera needs to hear. Whenever Cabrera shows up for spring training, they're the words Ordonez plans to personally deliver.

"He's the franchise player, and he understands they're building the team around him," Ordonez said. "He needs to pull everything together. He's our superstar and we need him acting like a superstar."

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