All-Star Game Was Kobe's Last Stand

All-Star Game Was Kobe's Last Stand

Kobe Bryant looked awfully “thirsty” Sunday evening. Yeah, his lips were parched. There was enough flour in the corners of his mouth to bake two cakes.

To Bryant, that All-Star MVP trophy must have looked like a six pack of Fiji water.

He quenched his thirst, dropping 37 points in the West’s exciting 148-143 victory, thwarting LeBron James’ remarkable triple-double.

The problem is, Kobe didn’t do anything about the Heat, the Spurs, the Celtics or the Mavericks. He also failed to erase the memory of L.A.’s horrifying loss to Cleveland and the beyond-troubling, three-game losing streak the Lakers carried into this All-Star break.

I might live to regret this statement, but I believe it nonetheless: Feb. 20, 2011, was Kobe’s last stand.

He’s done. It’s over. He’s no longer a leading man.

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