Do Carmelo and LeBron Make You Hate the NBA?

Do Carmelo and LeBron Make You Hate the NBA?

Carmelo Anthony made his debut in New York City Wednesday night, Deron Williams is being fitted for Nets jersey as we speak, and LeBron James' effect on the NBA has never been more evident than it is this week. Is that a bad thing? Is the NBA in trouble?

It's been a crazy week so far, and a lot of people have taken the opportunity to sound the alarm and predict an NBA Armageddon. It's all a cause-and-effect, and some people think we've reached a breaking point. After what happened with LeBron and Cleveland, the Nuggets and Jazz weren't willing to take the chance that they could lose their franchise players for nothing. Deron Williams was locked up for the next year-and-a-half, but after watching Carmelo Anthony paint the Nuggets into a corner by refusing a contract extension, the Jazz weren't going to take the chance that Williams might do the same.

In other words, Carmelo threatened to pull a LeBron, so Denver traded him. Then, Utah was worried that Deron might pull a Carmelo, so they traded him. Meanwhile, teams like the Hornets and Magic sit idle during all this, quietly biding their time with their fingers crossed, hoping that Chris Paul and Dwight Howard don't follow in their friends' footsteps.

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