New Owners, Same Old Warriors

New Owners, Same Old Warriors

Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob is not Chris Cohan. He's not. He promised. He announced all of this.

Lacob is more visible, more aggressive, more venture-capital-y, more committed, less Cohan.

And yet ...

Through three months and one typically subdued Warriors trade-deadline performance Thursday -- while the rest of the league went wild with action -- the Lacob/Cohan differences remain largely hypothetical.

It's early. Things can change swiftly. Lacob still has every chance to do dramatic things. He and partner Peter Guber inherited so many problems.

But Lacob's Warriors still employ Robert Rowell, Cohan's team president, and Larry Riley, Cohan's last general manager.

Lacob's Warriors still overpay underperforming players. Still are stuck without many options for big upgrades. And still seem slightly more determined to do a sales job than a total refurbishing.

Lacob's Warriors are 26-30, have some good young talent (as Warriors teams always have), play without defensive focus and remain stuck in the dreaded lower-middle-class muck of the NBA standings.

Not good enough to seriously be considered a playoff contender, not wise enough with the payroll to be in position for some major free-agent signings this summer, not bad enough to land an elite draft pick.

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