Jazz's Frustration With Williams Led to Trade

Jazz's Frustration With Williams Led to Trade

Deron Williams wanted help. The sinking Jazz needed serious assistance, and he felt the only way aid would arrive would be via a major move before the NBA trade deadline.

But Williams also believed it would never happen. The organization was too predictable, too normal, too stuck in its ways. Moreover, the All-Star guard did not think Utah had the guts or vision to complete the deal he longed for.

Wearing a heavy crown, Williams pushed hard throughout January. Sometimes he offered tight-lipped respect for former coach Jerry Sloan and team management. Other times, he employed thinly disguised insults to voice his mounting displeasure. Injured, conflicted and frustrated, Williams attacked the organization that he played for like never before, adding harsh criticism to a season already littered with condemnation and insubordination.

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