NFL Needs to Learn From the Past

NFL Needs to Learn From the Past

In his more than 20 years as an attorney, David Cornwell has worked both for the NFL and for the interests of players. As the expiration of pro football's labor agreement approached this week, Cornwell thought of something that would rankle his former boss, the late Pete Rozelle, whenever the league and the players' union battled over labor issues.

"Pete Rozelle said he hated when the business of the sport became as public as the competition on the field," Cornwell said.

Even with this latest extension to next Friday, the business of the sport has eclipsed the competition on the field, or at least for now has pre-empted the offseason of events that leads, with much examination and fanfare, to the competition on the field. And there is no on-field competition, not in the United States, anyway, as celebrated, as embraced and as obsessed over as the competition in the NFL.

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