Stan Van Gundy No Match for David Stern

Stan Van Gundy No Match for David Stern

We are going to wake up someday soon and Stan Van Gundy will be gone.

Gone without a trace.

Nobody will know where he is. Not his family. Not his team. Not the police.

Not even Chris Broussard of ESPN.

This is what happens to freedom fighters who lead resistance movements and try to take on dictatorial tyrants like Colonel, er, Commissioner David Stern. They get captured, muzzled and shipped to either the Siberian salt mines or the Sacramento Kingswhere they are locked in a dingy cell and interrogated by Jim Gray.

In a recent rant about Dwight Howard's one-game suspension for accruing too many technical fouls, Van Gundy made the monumental mistake of going geopolitical in his criticism of Commandant Stern and his secret police.

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