No Use in Pretending About Priorities at OSU

No Use in Pretending About Priorities at OSU

Maybe it's because I live here, and my kids might some day go there, but I never liked the way Ohio State referred to itself. The Ohio State University? Really? As if it's the only public school in the state, or the only one that matters? Bad form. Elitist and low-rent, all at the same time.

And now of course the world has learned what Ohio State truly is -- and it's not an institute of higher learning. It's a bottom-line business venture. Nothing more. So let's call this what it is, and while we're at it, let's call the school what it is: Jim Tressel makes a lot of money for The Ohio State Business Venture, and so he will remain its coach.

"Wherever we end up," said (t)OSBV athletics director Gene Smith, "Jim Tressel is our football coach. He is our coach, and we trust him implicitly."

Even though Tressel lied to Gene Smith in December. That's when the news leaked that some of Tressel's best players had been making money off their celebrity, selling their memorabilia to a local businessman. Well, that's when the news leaked publicly. Privately, in Jim Tressel's e-mail basket, it had leaked eight months earlier when he was informed by an unidentified person about the violations.

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