Controversy Marks Greenberg's Rangers Tenure

Controversy Marks Greenberg's Rangers Tenure

Chuck Greenberg managed to annoy a lot of people in his short tenure as managing partner of the Rangers, from the commissioner's office to the Yankees front office to some within his own organization. While it isn't known for sure exactly what precipitated his quick departure as Rangers CEO after just seven months, it is safe to say he annoyed a lot of folks in a short time, among them Hall of Fame pitcher and team president Nolan Ryan. And that's a big mistake in Texas.

The main issue appeared to be about a conflict in managing styles within the Rangers' hierarchy. Greenberg was not popular with employees and lost the backing of Ryan, who could now gain power, although he was already quite powerful within the organization. The key for Greenberg winning his bid on the Rangers in the first place was to get Ryan, a Texas icon, on his side. Sources indicate Greenberg worked hard to to woo Ryan's support and indicate he promised Ryan a stake in the team (believed to be as much as 5 percent) to win him over. But by the end he even lost Ryan.

"Quick rise, quick fall," is how one underling summed up Greenberg's time in Texas. Indeed, Greenberg's brief, seven-month stint was about half the amount of time he spent battling to win the team. His short tenure was highlighted on the field by the Rangers' first ever World Series appearance, achieved by beating the Rays and Yankees in the playoffs, and marked off the field by his public comments which occasionally got him into trouble.

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