Answers Elusive in NFL Labor Strife

Answers Elusive in NFL Labor Strife

There are more questions than answers regarding the NFL's work stoppage.

These are unchartered waters for the league and former NFL Players Association, which decertified as a players' union on Friday after both sides reached an impasse about the expiring collective bargaining agreement. Court rulings and legal stratagems will now largely determine how the NFL and NFLPA will proceed until a new labor pact is finalized.

In the coming weeks and possibly months, pending unrestricted free agents will learn if and when they can test the market. Franchises will weigh employee furloughs and other cost-cutting measures with revenue streams set to get choked by what was officially announced as an NFL player lockout on Saturday morning. Fans and non-NFL workers like stadium employees and restaurant staff members whose earnings derive from football during the season are also in limbo.

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