Why Did Greenberg, Rangers Part?

Why Did Greenberg, Rangers Part?

In the annals of Local Awkward Sports News Conferences, it was right up there with Jerry hiring Switzer, Deion renouncing fornication and Terrell Owens taking "too many pills."

Yes, that awkward.

The hastily summoned news conference Friday at The Ballpark was supposed to explain, we thought, why Chuck Greenberg was suddenly no longer the chief executive officer of the Texas Rangers.

Instead, the three participants -- club co-chairmen Ray Davis and Bob Simpson and team president Nolan Ryan -- offered no specifics and confined themselves to restrained farewells.

Not that we expected any of them to throw Greenberg under the team bus. But just the fact that Davis and Simpson were there in front of the cameras and notepads, after seven months of self-imposed public camouflage -- and with the clearly uncomfortable Ryan squeezed into the middle -- made for a most unusual show.

That much became evident when the questions began and Nolan was asked, more or less, for a complete list of Greenberg's alleged offenses.

"I just think from Chuck's perspective and mine, we probably had a little difference of opinions in our styles," Ryan said, "and I don't really want to go into it.

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