Struggling Georgetown a Good Sleeper Pick

Struggling Georgetown a Good Sleeper Pick

Want a sleeper Final Four pick? Some team that can come from outside of the top-four NCAA tournament seeds, one that’s far from the hottest team down the stretch, one that’s being overlooked and even forgotten about within its own mega-super-power conference?


Which, on the other hand, could fall flat on its face and wreck your entire bracket, much the way it’s done two of the last three seasons. If that happens, keep my name out of it.

If the Hoyas do win, though, keep this name in it and never let go of it, no matter what anyone else in that uniform does the next two weekends: Chris Wright.

Wright, one of Georgetown’s three senior starters and part of the senior backcourt pair (he’s the distributor, Austin Freeman is the scorer) that has defined this program since their arrival together as freshmen, was the main reason the Hoyas were looking like a solid bet to be a top-four seed when March rolled around.

That was before he landed wrong on his left (non-shooting) hand in the first half of a home game against Cincinnati three weeks ago. Yes, it was just three weeks ago, even though, to Georgetown followers, it feels like three years ago. Mainly since the Hoyas have not won a game since then. Not that game against the Bearcats, in which Wright kept trying to go back in and play, once even after his hand got wrapped and he tried to play, essentially, one-handed.

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