Women's Tournament Too Good to Be Ignored

Women's Tournament Too Good to Be Ignored

If you had a dollar for every time someone has referred to "the tournament" this week, you'd be a millionaire.

It's all people can talk about in sports: the tournament. Catch the national news on radio or TV. Check out any number of sports websites. Listen to your local sportscaster. Listen to yourself. The language is the same: it's the tournament, singular, as if there's only one.

But there's a rumor going around that there is in fact another college basketball tournament taking place at the same time. Perhaps you've heard this rumor? That women's basketball players are competing for a national title too? When people hear about this and want to check it out, they end up having a difficult time proving it in the mainstream news media, especially radio and TV, so they often end up wondering if they just dreamed it.

This is the fate of "the other tournament," the NCAA women's college basketball tournament, which runs concurrently with the men's, forever to be known as "the tournament."

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