Florida Returning to Relevance

Florida Returning to Relevance

It will go down on the bracket as just another ridiculously lopsided NCAA Tournament victory for a No. 2 seed over an anonymous, overmatched No. 15 seed.

But, really, Florida's 79-51 blowout of UC Whatchamacallit was so much more than that. It was, in fact, legacy-salvaging for Chandler Parsons and UF's seniors and program-awakening for UF's iconic coach Billy Donovan.

How fitting, too, that it came on St. Patrick's Day for the Irish-Catholic Donovan, whose team didn't wear green but surely made UC Whatchamadoodle turn blue. The Gauchos? The Gators ate them up like a cheese-covered Nachos.

For all Donovan has accomplished at Florida, there's no doubt he and his program desperately needed to relearn their dance steps and discover how to win again in the NCAA Tournament. And did they ever. The Gators were up 43-19 at halftime. That's the most points they've ever scored in the opening half of an NCAA Tournament game and fewest points they have allowed in any half of a postseason game.

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