Coyotes Stout Despite Circus Around Them

Coyotes Stout Despite Circus Around Them

From our smug perch atop the hockey world here in Canada, everything about the Phoenix Coyotes seems like a joke. Except the hockey team.

Somehow amid the freak show that has been Coyotes' existence in Arizona, where the team lurched from bad owners to bankrupt ones and finally the National Hockey League's welfare line, nobody convinced the players that they, too, were supposed to be a punchline.

The deathwatch for hockey in the desert is near its conclusion, sped along by the right-wing, anti-government Goldwater Institute, which is blocking the City of Glendale's bond sale to fund the Coyotes' purchase by Matthew Hulsizer, who would then – naturally – give the $100 million to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Somewhere in this transaction is a bearded lady.

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