Preternatural Maturity Defines Marlins' Stanton

Preternatural Maturity Defines Marlins' Stanton

Scouts and smart women know: to find the best prospects, search for the old man’s mind in the young man’s body.

That’s why, in a world where players who can eventually be the biggest answers often begin as the biggest question marks, outfielder Mike Stanton is low on the list of Marlins worries even after his quadriceps injury that has kept him out of major-league spring training games until his return later this week. What others name as making Stanton special, his work ethic and approach to the vicissitudes of big league life, didn’t get injured in the offseason or in Grapefruit League games.

And don’t even ask if anything would change as he takes his place next to pitcher Josh Johnson and the new stadium as symbols of the Marlins’ future.

“My focus stays the same whether on the biggest stage or the lowest,” Stanton said.


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