Training Expenses Hit Home for NFL Players

Training Expenses Hit Home for NFL Players

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Ryan Clark pulled a small plastic bag containing 13 oval-shaped pills, some white, some beige, some translucent orange, out of a duffel bag last weekend, shaking his head. That assortment of supplements, vitamins and medication — which he takes three times daily — costs him $300 to $400 a month.

Clark, a former Redskin, has no spleen or gall bladder, so he has a few special nutritional and medical needs beyond those he considers crucial to keeping his NFL body in mint condition. Yet he’s not the only player amazed at the current price tag on certain items in his personal health and fitness budget.

Cleveland Browns’ offensive tackle Tony Pashos considers twice- or thrice-weekly massages crucial to his training routine. But even the most basic rubdown runs him about $180.

“The majority of us, we are all massive,” said Pashos, whose 6-foot-6-inch, 325-pound frame occupied the better part of a conference room sofa during during the National Football League Players Association meetings here Friday. “My wife loves a 30-minute massage. Thirty minutes for me, you only cover my ankle and my foot. I need a two-hour massage.”

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