Freshman Sensations Fuel NCAAs

Freshman Sensations Fuel NCAAs

"Kids should be going to college if at least part of what they want to do is get an education. The way it's set up on these one-and-dones. ... To me, it's a sham."
-- Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy


"College basketball should be more than an extended-stay motel."
-- Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski


Those quotes were lifted from two of the roughly eight zillion articles written over the past five years decrying the atrocity that is the NBA's "One and Done" rule -- i.e., the requirement that players must be a year removed from high school to enter the NBA draft. Lest you haven't heard, it's an abomination, a mockery, an insidious force threatening to bring down college basketball, if not the entire American educational system.

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