BCS Designed to Cultivate Corruption

BCS Designed to Cultivate Corruption

The truth is out. The BCS is an acronym for Bribes, Cash and Strip clubs.

Shame on you, college football, for fostering an environment where a handshake is accompanied by a wink, a gift by an expectation. You scratch my back, and I'll contribute to your grandchild's college fund.

An investigative report commissioned by the Fiesta Bowl's board of directors revealed not only a detailed account of financial mishandling but confirmation that commercialism and amateur athletics make horrible bedfellows.

The biggest crime by the Bowl Championship Series cartel? Its lack of foresight.

Think about this scene: In September of 2008, John Junker, the Fiesta Bowl CEO who was fired Tuesday, another bowl employee and a Maricopa County sheriff's lieutenant spent more than $1,200 at a Phoenix strip club. Junker's response to investigators?

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