Heat Get What They Deserve in Cleveland

Heat Get What They Deserve in Cleveland

This is the fear for the Miami Heat, a concern evident in head coach Erik Spoelstra's demeanor and words after they let the Cleveland Cavaliers beat them 102-90 on Tuesday night: That's there's always a letdown lurking for a team of such talent.

"The process of us losing this game started two games ago," Spoelstra said. "It did. That's the reality, that this was coming to us. The majority of the time in this league you get what you deserve and we got exactly what we deserved."

Spoelstra was talking about how the Heat, despite winning, had spent the past few games relying on offense and eschewing defense, and there are valid concerns here:

• How important Chris Bosh is to this team and, on off nights like this one in which he had only 10 points and four rebounds, how susceptible Miami becomes.
• A bench that scored six points.
• A lack of effort and drive that saw the 15-58 Cavs outrebound Miami by 14.

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