A Plan to Pay College Athletes

A Plan to Pay College Athletes

We know college sports are corrupt. In related news, the sun is hot, Lindsay Lohan has issues and I need to drop 20 pounds.


So, sitting here on the cusp of the Final Four, waiting for the finale of a basketball tournament that provides the NCAA with 90 percent of its revenue, how do we fix it?

College sports, that is. Not my midsection.

First, let's understand, cheating will never be eradicated from big-time sports. It won't even be diminished. With millions, even billions, of dollars on the line, fixing college sports is like fighting the drug war. It's a losing proposition, especially when the NCAA has just 44 enforcement agents and no subpoena power.

What we have to eradicate is the hypocrisy, this myth of amateurism. Isn't that what the Olympic movement did? It used to be millionaires against millionaires, with everybody hiding the loot. Now it's all above the table, not under it.

But nobody offers a solution -- not one that makes financial sense for everybody, for football players as well as female cross country runners, for universities and for athletic departments.

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