Habs Discover Successful Playoff Blueprint

Habs Discover Successful Playoff Blueprint

As the playoff race tempest rages around them, the Montreal Canadiens have been focusing intently on something more elusive and intangible than points or goals – and they may well have found it in Newark, N.J., of all places.

Over the past two or three weeks the will-they-make-it hubbub has ramped up fan angst, but within the calm confines of the Habs dressing room, the feeling is the team uncovered something valuable in Saturday’s 3-1 win over the fading Devils: a blueprint for a successful playoffs.

Now comes the hard part – following it.

“The question is can we do it again and again and again?” said winger Michael Cammalleri, later adding, “[Tuesday] night is really the determining factor. You can’t be one on, one off going into the playoffs. You can have a stinker maybe once in a series in the playoffs, but that’s it. You have to be giving yourself a chance to win every night because the other team’s going to be there every night.”

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