Mavs Don't Have What It Takes

Mavs Don't Have What It Takes

Nothing died Sunday in Portland, despite contrary reports. Nothing that was really ever real anyway.

What we witnessed with LaMarcus Aldridge and his Trail Blazers slapping an already wobbly Dallas Mavericks bunch around was just further indicators of a team limping through yet another April for another date with yet another premature postseason ejection.

The Mavs are not contenders, not for anything of any weight.

The Ben and Skin radio boys like to claim proprietary rights to "One And Done Boys" as a Mavericks nickname. By all means, it is yours, boys.

In light of recent events in LA, San Fran and, most recently, Portland, that nickname seems overly optimistic anyway. The Mavs already have clinched a postseason spot, so we have at least a playoff series to muddle through. Plans for anything beyond a trip or two to Portland, or whoever ends up as the No. 6 seed, seem dicey, at best.

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