No End in Sight for Yow-Williams Feud

No End in Sight for Yow-Williams Feud

Debbie Yow and Gary Williams are like that couple that called it quits years ago, but whenever you run into them, you still get the sense they'd like to stab each other in the eyeballs.

Wow, is this a feud for the ages or what?

Yow, of course, is the former Maryland athletic director who used to get along with Williams, the current Terps basketball coach, the way the Bloods get along with the Crips.

But when Yow took over as the AD at North Carolina State last year, you thought maybe that was the end of the sniping between the two.

Of course, by now we know it wasn't. Because at a news conference Tuesday to announce the hiring of the Wolfpack's new basketball coach, Mark Gottfried, Yow decided to take another shot at Williams

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