Hands-Off Approach Working for Nuggets' Karl

Hands-Off Approach Working for Nuggets' Karl

Cancer is uglier than the devil after a bad night's sleep. But how the dreaded disease changed George Karl as a basketball coach was a gift from angels.

How Karl saved the Nuggets' season and became the best coach in the NBA at age 59 was by coaching less.

In the art of X's and O's, less of Karl is more. It's beautiful.

All season long, Karl endured the tune-in-tomorrow soap opera of Carmelo Anthony. From the chaos of a trade with the New York Knicks, as Denver general manager Masai Ujuri claimed the Nuggets "got killed" in the deal, Karl patched together a 50-game winner. It has been like watching a man build Pikes Peak from pebbles.

You drop in on a Denver practice these days, and the loudest noise is a basketball bouncing on hardwood rather than the dominating personality of Karl, whose listen-to-me arrogance had been known to make skin crawl on superstars from Ray Allen to Anthony for more than 25 years.

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