The Sports Blogosphere as Muppets

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I’ve long said that Jim Henson was such a genius, he didn’t make Muppets look like people as much as people look like Muppets. Remember the girl from Hebrew School who looked just like Miss Piggy? What about your old web guy who looked like Don Music? The Muppets are genius and madness and joy and fun all rolled into one colorful community. Muppets are sports bloggers, in some crazy way.

I started out this project (with a TON of help from some of you) hoping to include a good smattering of bloggers. I thought 20, then 30, then 50 would be good, but somehow this list is even bigger than that. Some character affiliations are perfect, while some are admittedly a stretch. Certainly I left a few people out who deserve to be here and for that, I am sorry. Add your thoughts...

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